Axis Bank Customers are Unhappy with Bank Loan Related Services & Support

Axis Bank Customers are Unhappy with Bank Loan Related Services & Support: Nowadays many Axis Bank customers are complaining aggressively on social media about Bank Loan services and support. Many customers have complained that they have already made the due amount/ EMI payments but it’s not updated in the bank system and getting too many calls daily for loan repayment from their collection department.

Axis Bank Loan Repayment System

Many axis bank customer has reported that bank’s loan repayment system is very slow and unresponsive. Payment took much time to get updated in the bank loan record and in the time being bank’s loan collection department keep calling the customer and talk very rudely and in some cases give a threat of harassment also for payment.

Axis Bank Customers are Unhappy with Bank Loan Related Services & Support

EMI Not Getting Deducted on Time

Some customers have reported and complained on social media that their monthly EMI is not getting deducted on time while sufficient balance was available in their bank account. After that, they are getting too many unnecessary Loan Repayment Calls from Random Numbers daily.

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When customers are trying to reach their support department they are also not responding properly. Some customers told infocoverage team that their support team always tell them we will get back to you but they have never responded back on time.

Consolidated & Penalty ChargesĀ 

In some Axis bank loan account bank has imposed consolidated charges and penalty charges without having any proper calculation of the loan account. For which customers are very angry and they have to call the Axis Bank Loan department, again and again, to remove the negative/hold balance from their account.

Worst Customer Care Support

Customers have rated Axis Bank Loan services and support as very poor. Many axis bank users have told media like India today and lallantop that axis bank call, as well as the social media team, is very unresponsive and rude. They don’t take customer’s problems very seriously sometimes they don’t bother to reply also, especially on twitter.

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