Five Best Movies of Aamir Khan You Should Watch With Your Family


5 Must Watch Movies of Aamir Khan: In Bollywood industry, Aamir khan is also known as Mr. Perfectionist for his quality perfection in the movie as a male star.He has the potential to drive movie story alone and that’s why he is also on the list of highest paid actor in the Bollywood industry.If you are a big fan of him like me then you should watch the below listed 5 best Bollywood movie of Aamir khan.

5 Best Movie's of Aamir Khan You Should Watch Now

List of 5 Best Movie’s of Aamir Khan You Should Watch

1. 3 Idiot: This movie is my favorite till this date and I loved the act of aamir khan in the movie.Because I am an engineer and in my view this movie is that kind of movie who can win Oscar.If you don’t watch this fabulous film till now then go and watch the movie and enjoy the engineering degree pressure.I am sure after watching this film you start doing work which is of your interest.

2. PK: This is the latest released movie of aamir khan who breaks all the record on box office in terms of collection.The movie is based on the reality of god and their messenger who is making their business by selling the name of all mighty god.This movie is giving a solid slap on the face of such type of messengers living in our society.

3. Ghajini: This is also one of the super duper hit movies of Aamir khan.In the movie, he played the role of short time memory loss men who is rich and successful in their life.Female star in the movie is beautiful Asin and late joya khan.

4. Tare Zameen Par: In the list of my favorite movie’s I also added this now because I watched this movie recently and got shocked.This movie is full of imagination and knowledge.The story of the movie is based on child education with superb acting of Aamir khan.And I think you should also watch this movie praise the work of Aamir khan.

5. Lagaan: Oscar-nominated Bollywood film in which Aamir khan win the million hearts by his phenomenal acting.He is the man in the movie who made this movie super duper hit on box office.

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