Donald Trump-Good & Bad About His Politics & Term as a President of USA

Donald Trump-Good & Bad About His Politics & Term as a President of USA: Donald trump has been completed his tenure as 45th president of United States of America and his journey as USA president is full of critics of negative comments. In this article we will let you know about good & bad about his politics & approach till now. Donald Trump is off to, perhaps, the worst start in the modern presidential record. The good news is he has plenty of time to improve. Here we have listed good and bad about his political journey till this date.

Donald Trump - Good & Bad About His Politics & Approach Till Now

Good about him and his politics:

  • He has stopped and reversed Obama’s eight-year slouch toward socialism.
    Trump has properly secured slew of success, of which conservatives have fantasized- sometimes for decades-
  • The War on Coal is dead. The Keystone Pipeline is alive.
  • Trump has signed 11 Congressional Review Act bills to give up much of Obama’s late-term regulatory submitting.
  • He ordered that the imposition of any new rules needs that two old ones be decreased headfirst into the Potomac.
  • Because the removal of Obama’s welcome mat, illegal-alien diffusion of the southern frontier dropped 64 percent in March, compared with a year earlier.
  • As an alternative to the VA health system, veterans will enjoy extended access to private-sector medicine.
  • The proposed 2018 budgets for the National donation for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities: $0.00.
  • A review of Obama’s massive federal land grab under the Antiquities Act may open some land to uses other than stasis.
  • Reconsideration of Obama’s calamitous $993 billion Clean Power Plan may punctual its revocation.
  • Taking frequent decision’s for development of America and its people.

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While in another side political expert’s are saying something bad about his political and his diplomatic approach also:

  • Beginning when Trump threatened Ford with a 20% import tax on Ford products coming into the States from Mexico, The president has gone from bad to worse.
  • The president’s consistently made comments that many folks felt had racial undertones including the post on Twitter asserting that black and Latino individuals commit violent crimes in major cities, his aforesaid statements questioning Obama’s birth and whether he’s a Muslim, and other remarks.
  • Trump has been accused of being untrustworthy, by investors and buyers as well as others.
  • Trump’s leadership in business has endorsed him to drive his demands through and he’s not been surrounded with people who might vary and even try to oppose him, so he doesn’t have experience building a team planned for purposes other than promoting his own narrow agenda.
  • Creating uncomfortable situation of immigrant’s and people out of USA working and living in USA for more than a decades.
  • Little bit aggressive and over judgmental which is not good in politics.
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