How To Transfer Domain Name, transfer running website to Godaddy from previous registrar

Hello, here I came again and going to share my knowledge to you guys that how to now transfer name to think that I can guide you the enter next follow step domain name transfer full process and tips for how to transfer domain name into your personal Godaddy official account. But before this we will tell you what are the full unique benefits or mostly people why transfer Domain name on own Godaddy official account.

How To Transfer Domain Name, transfer running website to Godaddy from previous registrar

Why Transfer Domain name:

Total benefit Automatic ‘Domain Renewal’ option with via, auto credit card/debit card billing system. You can here enable this feature to renew your domain name automatically with your self so you can never lose it any website response.

  • Renew domain name from 1 to 10 years as you want and that is available there.
  • Private registration to hide your Registration/contact/ bio data full information.
  • The Main benefit here you can Change hosting without any interruption at any time & any day.

Before Transferring domain name remember these things:

  • Yourdomain ownership’ should be fully updated.
  • Your ‘Domain name age is more than 60 days old you can achieve full benifit.
  • You can update here email id should correct because Godaddy team will send you an email regarding domain transfer and provide you Transaction ID and Security Code.So you will update here correct detail, this Transaction ID and Security Code at the time of Domain transfer email send you.

Now How to Transfer Domain name to Godaddy:

You have to follow these steps for domain name transfer process

  • official website and create your account with correct details.
  • Move your mouse curser to ‘Domain Section’ and do the things gently to transfer your domain name.
  • Enter your ‘Domain name’ which you want to step transfer & click on GO button section. Godaddy offering you a free of cost 1-yr extension for domain transfer process. Means you do not need to renew your domain name for next 1 year the service is free of cost.
  • Proceed to checkout right option

If you want need some add-on then you can select any one otherwise simply click to continue to proceed part.Review your odder lets go click on checkout. There are 3-4 payments modes through which you can place your order your way.

Now Godaddy will send you an email to owner of domain (I hope it’s you) with send you Transaction ID and Security Code.Click on ‘domain management’ under domain section and select pending account process changes options. Fill you’re Transaction ID with Security Code. Now it will need a final approval from Godaddy official technical team.

After final approval when your website will be in your account then you can change your hosting at any time.

Note: Godaddy will take minimum 7 days to transfer your website name from other registrar to your own personal Godaddy account and meanwhile you will not face any type of error and kind of server problem. If you are face any kind of some problem then you can share with me by commenting box send us your way and any message we will thankful you so please share our site name with your friends etc social sites..

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