How to choose quality and search engine friendly short domain name/website address

Hello friends if you are a blogger then this post can match your interest too much and if you are a professional guy and looking for a fresh high quality domain/website URL then go with article in deep.Here we start, It is very important for all the newly Bloggers who are select a good level domain name of your sites. A good domain name is very helpful in the any websites in very short time. Searching for a good domain name is very difficult job. It is very important for every website owner to select a single good domain out of lakhs of available domains.

So, it will be good for you to be careful while selecting a good domain name for your business like buying a new expensive car. In this article i am sharing to you that what is the characteristics of a good domain name. I am full sure this post will definitely gonna help you in choosing the good domain names for your any business purpose or online marketing/ websites. Keep in read this post your mind that your domain name is going to represent your brand, if you own it for your commercial further purposes.

How to choose quality and search engine friendly short domain name/website address

Top 5 techniques to find out good domain/website URL

1. How to find out Good Domain Names in short

Shortness word counting number is one of the best characteristics of Good domain names list will be called for further. So, it is always better to find out search, In my opinion select the short domain names for your wordpress, php, html website. Here will be officially announce short domain name refers to the domain names having short maximum number like 4-6 characters word. But now a day’s finding such good domains are not available and not very easy because most of 5-7 character good domain names mostly people are already registered in the internet. So for it is very hard to how to find select of 5-7 character good domain names. Below lots of bloggers applied good domains online for this post 10 characters but never exceed 20 word long characters domains.

2. Good Domain Names are Easy to learn Remember

Good Domain names are very easy to learn remembers any types. If your domain name is like to short and meaningful word, then it is very easy for find out every viewers/ subscriber to remember it, but if you never have a long domain name for your blog/websites. If your domain name is long to remember then it you will definitely loss few of your viewers/ visitors. For ex. is short domain but it is very hard to remember it. So it must be unique and easy to remember.

3. Unique and quality domain names are easy to remember and convocation

It is also very important thing for you to choose only Good Characteristic domain names which are easy to learn. If by mistake your website visitor learn your domain name then you will increase your visitors. So, avoid using difficult words with pronunciation and mix combinations of numeric and alphabetic characters strictly prohibited in internet world.

Point to mind: Don’t select the domains having like hyphens (-) and dots (.) or any special character. It is very difficult to remember & such kind of domain name popularity is very low in internet world. For ex-: or domain name is confusion also like so be aware about such kind of domain names and never select likewise

4. Best domain extension: Select .Com extension Domain Names

There are various extension of domain names available like .com, .org, .in, .net etc. Domain name with “.com” extension is considered as the best domain name worldwide which is acceptable and most easy to find increase popularity domain extensity visitors all over the world in short time. That’s why .com domain names are very expensive as compared to all over domain name extensions.

5. Good Domain Names are Descriptive one

It is very important to select those domain website names which are capable for describing your website with their names like- fitness, blogging, gadgets, box office.  If you have a descriptive domain name then it will help the increase visitors to gain some idea about your blog content. If you select your any topic domain name after gaining some idea’s from Google Ad words, then your domain name also help you in the improving visitors, your website alexa rankings and Google Page Rank etc.

List of best Domain Names Registrars 2015

  1. GoDaddy
  2. Blue Host
  3. HostGator
  4. NameCheap
  5. Big rock
  6. Hosing raja


Selecting is the domain is your choice because you are the owner of your own upcoming brand but I think this post may help you to select super quality domain of your choice. So all readers are you happy for us these are the list of top 5 characteristics of good domain names/ Registrars names. Do not get depressed our post, if your domain name doesn’t have all these characteristics and good qualities. But it is our advisable post to keep these find out Characteristic of Good Domain Names in your mind whenever you are going to buy a new domain name Registrars. These are the factors which also matters for a website rankings/ GPR. Read this post twice before buying a new Good Domain Names. You can enjoy this post share this site name with your friends stay tuned connect with us any information please I need send your comment in this post.

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